Heading to DrupalCon Denver

I’m sitting at CVG (Cincinnati airport), waiting to board the plane for Denver… Really looking forward to DrupalCon again!

DRUPALCON TRAINING: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal

This will be my 4th DrupalCon – the 3rd one at which I am teaching – check out – the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Drupal – its going to be a lot of fun as usual :)

If you’re heading to Denver for DrupalCon – let me know!

iPad2 Resources - Sussex Christian School Workshop

I had the privilege of spending a day with the staff and faculty of Sussex Christian School last Friday – talking about the iPad2 in education – here are some links and the pdf of my presentation.

Traveling to Moncton

I’m on my way to Sussex, NB. via Moncton this morning. And for a change – I’m really impressed with travel plans…

Absolute Beginner's Guide To Drupal

I made this presentation on November 5, 2011 at DrupalCamp Indy - (Conference Page)

I gave the same presentation to over 100 people a few weeks later at DrupalCamp Ohio.  Its a trimmed down version of our full-day course with OSTraining.com


Our 115th Online Video Tutorial Released

We just released our 115th online video tutorial at OSTraining.com!

One of the things we’re passionate about is training. Yes, we’re an internet marketing/web design company… but Rod loves to teach.

Fourth Trip to Washington DC

I was in D.C. again this past week – teaching Drupal for OSTraining.

I took the opportunity to go and tour the Lincoln Memorial (again), the Viet Nam Memorial and the new Martin Luther King Memorial.

At the Airport

I have spent more time in airports in the past 60 days than in the past 6 years… Its been an interesting and fun experience for the most part.

People watching at the various airports is always a good way to pass the time… but I’ve found that I can actually get a good amount of work done too. I usually tuck away in the Delta lounge, plug in, use the free wifi and either do email or … write a blog!

DrupalCon London 2011

This week begins a bit of a crazy schedule for us… or i actually just a continuation of a crazy summer.

I was home for a total of 8 working days in July…During the month I was in San Antonio teaching Joomla, Washington DC teaching Drupal, and Bryan OH teaching PHP, Joomla and WordPress.

First Trip of 2011

I’m heading to Atlanta next week for meetings with Steve Burge of OSTraining. I have created over 120 videos for OSTraining – and have taught live classes in Denver, Cincinnati, New York and Chicago.

I’m definitely taking the slight detour and heading through the “Dragon’s Tail”…