At the Airport

I have spent more time in airports in the past 60 days than in the past 6 years… Its been an interesting and fun experience for the most part.

People watching at the various airports is always a good way to pass the time… but I’ve found that I can actually get a good amount of work done too. I usually tuck away in the Delta lounge, plug in, use the free wifi and either do email or … write a blog!

DrupalCon London 2011

This week begins a bit of a crazy schedule for us… or i actually just a continuation of a crazy summer.

I was home for a total of 8 working days in July…During the month I was in San Antonio teaching Joomla, Washington DC teaching Drupal, and Bryan OH teaching PHP, Joomla and WordPress.

First Trip of 2011

I’m heading to Atlanta next week for meetings with Steve Burge of OSTraining. I have created over 120 videos for OSTraining – and have taught live classes in Denver, Cincinnati, New York and Chicago.

I’m definitely taking the slight detour and heading through the “Dragon’s Tail”…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty-Two

“As the Bell Tolls”

The sunset last night was magnificent.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty-One

“Up, Up and Away!”

This picture was taken in Telford, PA while I was visiting a client this past weekend.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty

“Above the Clouds”

I flew out to meet with a new client over the weekend. Friday was a day of “un-met expectations” – not that anything was “bad”… just strange.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Nineteen

“Fall Contrast”

I’m sure someone out there is tired of the fall pictures from my backyard…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Eighteen

“Fall Colors – Deuxième partie”

(that’s Part Two for my English only speakers… not that I speak French very well… I looked it up at Google Translate…).

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Seventeen

“Fall Leaves”

I really love the fall… though yesterday’s storms were a bit much! The wind has most of the leaves on the ground now. This afternoon I took this picture of two leaves… again – to show how good the closeup is on the iPhone.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Sixteen

“I Went To DrupalCampIndy and All I Got Was This T-Shirt”

Well… yes – I did go to DrupalCampIndy on Saturday – but I got a lot more than the shirt. It was a great day of learning more about Drupal and interacting with some great people. (Drupal is a web page framework… kind of like the frame of your house…