Rod's Big Adventure - 2015

It's been my privilege to teach a week long seminar at Kingswood University in Sussex, NB Canada every other year (basically) since 2004.  This year's class is the first week of September.

Be Afraid of the Big Chair

This is the third in a series of posts from a talk I gave at the Joomla World Conference in 2013.  This is the issue of integrity in leadership.  The higher you rise in an organization, the more likely you are to fall if you do not have a strong moral compass.  The bigger the chair - the more likely you are to fail... be afraid of the big chair.

Leadership Requires Humility

This is the second in a series of posts from a talk I gave at the Joomla World Conference in 2013.  Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself, less...

Know Yourself - It's the Key to Everything

This is the first in a series of posts from a talk I gave at the Joomla World Conference in 2013.  While that was two years ago, I believe the 10  lessons are even more important today.

Clients are Aliens

In my last corporate gig, I reported to the Vice President of Marketing.  One of my most important functions was to translate the "geek".  He wasn't a programmer, or a designer.  But he needed to understand what was going on so he could run the business.  That's where I fit in... I translated the geek.  I was his "Universal Translator".

Field Testing Apple's New MacBook

So, I'm on a plane heading to San Francisco for a week of training with OSTraining. I picked up the new Macbook this week as I prepped for a trip to San Francisco. I spent about 30 minutes playing with Apple's newest ultra-light laptop a few weeks ago and wasn't quite convinced. The new keyboard is definitely an acquired taste and the new trackpad has a ton of hidden tricks that I wasn't sure I'd ever use. The computer feels under-powered for anything beyond basic presentations, email, web browsing and hand-coding CSS or websites.

DrupalCon Los Angeles

We're Heading to LA!

Once again this year, OSTraining was selected to do the beginner level training the day before DrupalCon Los Angeles.  We've been accepted now at every DrupalCon since Chicago in 2011.

JoomlaDay Minnesota 2015 Promo

I'm the emcee for the 2015 JoomlaDay MN.  I created a quick video to promote the event.  It's going to be a great event! (video after the break)

Marketing OSTraining's Drupal Training

I am in the middle of producing some marketing videos for OSTraining's YouTube channel and I thought I'd post one here. Our marketing department is using them as lead generators for both live and online training, depending on the time of year. They're all around one minute long and I'm calling them "Pro Tips for Drupal Site Builders".

TEDTalk: The Puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink

How do we incentivize people?  Just throwing money at people won't keep them around - at least not the most highly skilled people.  With well over 12 million views, this is one of TED's best videos.