Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

At a glance, "Leadership" seems to be a vast and complex topic. Its been the foundation of thousands of studies, hundreds of thousands of articles and more than a few hours in classrooms from MBA's to Seminaries. Opinions on what leadership is, how to exercise it and how to "fix" it abound. In the words of General Stanley McChrystal - "'Leadership' was the single biggest reason organizations succeeded or failed."

Qualities for Board Members

I've been reading a lot about non-profit boards lately. I've participated in several and I was just elected to the Open Source Matters board which oversees aspects the Joomla! project.

Going Paperless with Evernote

Imagine 30 years of notes, files, academic papers, articles and other miscellaneous paper. Imagine the drawers of filing cabinets and boxes piled up in the attic. Imagine the receipts and paperwork that accumulated just last year with almost 85,000 miles of air travel and over 100 nights in hotels.

Joomla! Simplified

In my travels I teach both Joomla! and Drupal. Even though the two content management systems are pretty different, people sometimes struggle to get a handle on both of them. So here are my thoughts on understanding Joomla! in five easy steps.

How I Pack Three Computers, a Projector and an iPad When I Travel

Last year I flew almost 85,000 air miles speaking in the US, Canada and Europe.  After all those miles, I've gotten pretty good at packing - especially the technology I use when I'm doing training.

Walk Through the Book of Revelation Resources

These are the pdf's for the presentation on the book of Revelation - presented at 1st Baptist Church, Aurora IN on 2/23/14.

Teaching Technology in Education

This week I've been in Sussex NB, Canada teaching 2nd and 3rd year students at Kingswood University.  I've taught his one week seminar every other year since 2004.  Think about the changes in technology in the past 10 years!

The Value of Humility in Leadership

Last weekend I attended the Joomla World Conference in Boston. I was one of 9 keynote speakers (see my talk here). On Sunday afternoon, we were treated to a keynote from Matt Mullenweg (wikipedia article) - the founder of WordPress. (Yes - this was the JOOMLA World Conference). WordPress runs about 20% of the entire web, making it the largest open source content management system in the world. Matt is 30 (as of this writing).

Live Long and Prosper - My Keynote at the Joomla World Conference 2013

I presented the Friday afternoon keynote address at the 2013 Joomla World Conference this week (http://conference.joomla.org). (video after the break)"Live Long and Prosper - 10 Business Tips from Star Trek" was really inspired by the room we were meeting in at Harvard University. Really great venue!

Its Going To Be A Busy Fall!