Training Clients with Video - Part 2

Make an Impact on the People Around You

How to Combat Modern Slavery - Kevin Bales

Inspire Me Please - Beyond the Bullet Point

I shared 10 critical ideas for better presentations at the 3rd Annual Ivy Tech Adjunct Professor's Conference in Marion Indiana.

Walk Through the Old Testament

They're Not Just Stories

This is a talk I've done for the past 30 years. I learned it from M.A. Butler, a fantastic Bible teacher and missionary.  The presentation hasn't changed significantly - its a timeless journey through the greatest book of all time. Shot on location at the Demolishing Strongholds Conference in 2006 (at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning!) it became a DVD called "They're Not Just Stories".

Five Steps to Refreshing Your Life

Sweat the Small Stuff - TEDTalk - Rory Sutherland

Connected but Alone - Sherry Turkle

Training Clients with Video Part 1

TEDTalk Favs - Simon Sinek - Start with the Why