My Visit to Arlington Cemetery

On my trip to Washington DC this past week, I visited Arlington Cemetery.  I've been fortunate in the past two years to travel to DC fairly regularly, and I've seen all the monuments and memorials, but had not had the chance to visit this place of honor.

How Do We Respond to Evil?

As I sit here relaxed in my favorite chair on a Saturday morning, 26 families in CT are grieving over the loss of their children and loved ones. Yesterday, a 20 year old kid walked into the kindergarten room and started shooting. Whenever something like this happens – people ask the inevitable questions – I know I did – and my daily Bible reading took me to Psalm 11.

TED Talk Favs - Monotasking with Paolo Cardini

TED Talks - Four Lessons on Creativity

DrupalCamp Ohio - Make Your Website More User Friendly

Speaking at DrupalCamp Ohio 2012

TED Talk Favs - Sir Ken Robinson

Training Your Clients with Video

In November 2012 I spoke at the Joomla World Conference in San Jose, CA. (Conference Site).

Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work

iPad in Education - Apps for Teachers

Apps for Teachers

The iPad is a powerful tool for teachers. We covered apps that make a teacher's life easier. From integrating administrative tasks to unleashing your creative energies, we demonstrated ways a tablet could make their lives easier!