Opening Keynote at JWC2012

We're at EBay Town Hall for the opening session of Joomla World Conference 2012.

One of the VP's is talking about their use of open source – specifically Joomla!. They use and contribute to OS projects. It allows them to move at the right speed of investment.

Joomla 3.0 - Presentation at JWC2012

Kyle Ledbetter and Mark Dexter are presenting on Joomla 3.0

Kyle works at EBay – and they push things to the limit. They needed a new UI – so they chose Bootstrap from Twitter – an awesome open source UI LIbrary that's really taken the world by storm… (I LOVE bootstrap)

Complete CSS, Javascript, html5, Responsive & LESS. – its really a fantastic system.

Responsive Design in Joomla

Taylor Bruce Design Partnership

Quick demo to begin… showing the breakpoints in the first responsive design from 2010.

ACSI Convention - Toronto

Testing a New App!

I'm not the greatest blogger in the world… (yeah – no kidding) – I sometimes find it difficult to commit the time to just keeping it up.
So in the spirit of trying to do better – I purchased an app from Apple today called Blogsy.

On the Post

In the spirit of the joy I find in taking pictures with my iPhone…

Speaking in Toronto in November

In the “out of the blue” category – I’ve been asked to present a 3 hour training session on the iPad in Education for the annual ACSI Convention.

Flight Delayed - the Words You Love to Hear

I’m in the middle of an 18 day extended trip – Chicago, D.C., Toronto and Boston. I’m writing this from my seat – 10A on an Airbus 320 – sitting on the tarmac in D.C. – we’ve been delayed an hour by weather in Detroit. (Today’s flight is DC->Detroit->Toronto). They’re saying an hour… but we’ll know more … in an hour!

The Enola Gay

I had the privilege of seeing up close a number of amazing historical aircraft this week. I had an extra day in Washington DC – so I headed over to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM)’s annex at Washington Dulles International Airport) – an excursion I had long wanted to take and anticipated very much.

Day 2 - Breakfast with Chickens

I’m sitting at E. Ontario St and N. St. Clair at an outside cafe… its 90 degrees at 8:00 pm… supposed to be 104 here in Chicago tomorrow… insane…

And so is the NOISE!