Something New - Pixpro Inner Circle

On Monday February 5, 2018 the PixPro Inner Circle was introduced on the Pixpro Labs LIVE Show. The Inner Circle consists of Sarah Watz, Joe Sonne and myself. We talked about our new mastermind group for like-minded small business owners which starts this month on February 15th.

View the PixPro Labs Live show Introducing the PixPro Inner Circle here:




We hope you have enjoyed the Pixpro Labs LIVE Show. On this special episode of the show, we'd like to introduce you to the Pixpro Inner Circle, a mastermind style group for small business owners. The leaders of Pixpro Inner Circle Sarah Watz, Joe Sonne, and Rod Martin are joining us live.

On this episode, we talked about this new opportunity that you can join where we take the kind of information you get in the live show and take a deep dive into the topics that interest small business owners. If you want clarity in your business, business development advice from the leaders and the other members you should really check out this episode!

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