Life is Short and It's Been 200 Days

It's been 200 days since I saw my 19,000th day. That's: 200 days 4,800 hours 288,000 minutes

It's been 200 days since I saw my 19,000th day.


  • 200 days
  • 4,800 hours
  • 288,000 minutes

Making every minute count... ever hour... every day - that's the heart of an intentional lifestyle.  And it's HARD.  At least it has been for me!

Last November I set up a morning routine consisting of getting up at 6:00 am, spending time reading and reflecting and trying to journal (something I've never really done) among a few other things.  This one change made a huge difference in how I approached ever day.  On the days where I wasn't able to follow the routine, I found that I was not as focused, not as prone to watching for that one moment I could make a remarkable difference in someone else's life.

One definite frustration was the workout I started.  One week into it, I got the flu.  It took almost two weeks for me to feel better!  By that time... yep - you guessed it - I didn't really get back into it.  One of the things to recalibrate :)

I hit some milestones in the last 200 days...

  • Presented the keynote address at a tech conference (
  • The YouTube video of my one hour "
    " has almost 60,000 views.
  • In the span of 3 weeks, I dipped my toe in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific in the northwest, and the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands.
  • I've met some very smart people while presenting training at Intuit in Mountain View, NIH in Washington DC and Paul Quinn College in Dallas.
  • I've taught WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and the iPad in Education to some fantastic people in Chicago, Boston, New York, Orlando, Iowa City, Portland, Amsterdam and Toronto.
  • Completed a downloadable guide to the Old Testament Walkthru I've taught over the past 25 years.  Its consistently in the top 3 pages viewed on my blog.
  • I've given two dozen copies of a great book out to people all over place!
  • I got a person to actually smile while walking in downtown Chicago!

There's more... but those are some of the highlights.

The next 200 days include a trip to Prague, more training in DC, Boston, New York, Chicago; a vacation in SC (whew - time alone with Teresa!); leading worship in my church (still can't believe they let me sing lol)... and whatever else God brings my way... it's gonna be fun!

What will your next 200 days bring?