iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Ten

“The Wing”

I started this blog when I rode my ’84 Goldwing to Sussex, NB and back this past May. Its an amazing machine – 26 years old, over 110,000 miles (180,000km) and it just keeps on going! I’m not sure why – but pretty much every where I’ve been in the past 6 years with this bike, people come up to talk about it – even guys on way nicer bikes!

This trip was 3,000 miles round trip… I was teaching at Bethany Bible College in Sussex for a week – but it was 3 days there and 3 days back… so the bike was pretty loaded down. Besides clothing etc., I had a bunch of computer/camera equipment in those bags as well… so I was “extra” careful… I have so many great stories from that trip – you can read more at the beginning of this blog…

On the 2nd day out I stopped at McDonalds for breakfast – #1 combo – cream in the coffee please…

3,000 miles and it never missed a beat….

day10IMG 0899