Training Your Clients with Video

In November 2012 I spoke at the Joomla World Conference in San Jose, CA. (Conference Site).

Delivering that shiny new website to the client is a great feeling! You're proud of the work, the design, the flexibility it gives them to manage their own site. You're ready to move on to the next project when you get a call ...

  • Client: Hi - I just have a quick question - how do I insert an image into this article?
  • You: Hey (smiling). Remember - we went over that when I met with you last week.
  • Client: I know - I just can't remember!

If you've created more than a couple of sites for clients, you've been through this.

In this presentation we'll demonstrate how easy it is to create custom video tutorials for your clients so they'll have you... whenever they need you!

I talk about the hardware/software you'll need. I also talk about video creation, editing and production, storage and delivery, best practices, content, strategies and presentation.