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Speaking at JoomlaDay Texas

On Thursday I'm climbing on the bike and riding to Houston (yep - that's 1,000 miles) to speak at JoomlaDay Texas...   I've spoken at this event before and it's always a great day. Check...
Two Million Views

This past week, my Drupal 8 course hit 2,000,000 views on YouTube.  Over the years, my YouTube videos have generated almost 3,000,000 views - mostly for Drupal and Joomla! via OSTraining....
My Interview with Sarah Watz from PixPro Labs

I've had the joy of knowing Sarah Watz for about 5 years now. We served together on the Joomla! board, Open Source Matters for almost three years. Sarah runs a web design and internet marketing...
Something New - Pixpro Inner Circle

On Monday February 5, 2018 the PixPro Inner Circle was introduced on the Pixpro Labs LIVE Show. The Inner Circle consists of Sarah Watz, Joe Sonne and myself. We talked about our new mastermind...
Are You A Nice Person?

Years ago I purchased a tiny book called "Swanson's Written Rules of Management".  I came across it this week while I was re-arranging some bookshelves.  Bill Swanson was the CEO of...
Drupal 8.4 Video

I do A LOT of voice over work - mostly for training videos in Drupal and Joomla - but that seems to be expanding. Here's the latest video for the introduction of Drupal 8.4 (launched October 4th,...
The Coolest Thank You

Over the years I've received tons of thank you notes for speaking, training or working on something. This may be the coolest "thank you" note yet...    It's wonderfully satisfying...

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Born in Australia, raised in Canada, living in the United States.  
I’ve been blessed to live in three countries and have traveled to many more.  

I play ice hockey two or three times a week, ride my motorcycle anywhere and everywhere I can and find a lot of joy in my grandchildren. 

I love when the light goes on over someone’s head - and they “get it”.