iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty-Two

“As the Bell Tolls”

The sunset last night was magnificent.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty-One

“Up, Up and Away!”

This picture was taken in Telford, PA while I was visiting a client this past weekend.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty

“Above the Clouds”

I flew out to meet with a new client over the weekend. Friday was a day of “un-met expectations” – not that anything was “bad”… just strange.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Nineteen

“Fall Contrast”

I’m sure someone out there is tired of the fall pictures from my backyard…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Eighteen

“Fall Colors – Deuxième partie”

(that’s Part Two for my English only speakers… not that I speak French very well… I looked it up at Google Translate…).

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Seventeen

“Fall Leaves”

I really love the fall… though yesterday’s storms were a bit much! The wind has most of the leaves on the ground now. This afternoon I took this picture of two leaves… again – to show how good the closeup is on the iPhone.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Sixteen

“I Went To DrupalCampIndy and All I Got Was This T-Shirt”

Well… yes – I did go to DrupalCampIndy on Saturday – but I got a lot more than the shirt. It was a great day of learning more about Drupal and interacting with some great people. (Drupal is a web page framework… kind of like the frame of your house…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Fifteen

“Fall Harvest”

Two pics today – just to demonstrate how almost useless the zoom is on an iPhone 4…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Fourteen

“Hockey Night in N.Ky”

I play ice hockey with a team called The BlueGills – http://www.bluegillshockey.com.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Thirteen

“Shadows in the Night”

Last night I was outside trying to see the deer that the dogs were barking at… (there are around 11 of them in our woods somewhere… – and no – you can’t come over and go hunting…) and I took this picture with the porch light behind me… kind of cool.