iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Eleven

“We’ve All Done It”

It is a gorgeous Saturday here in SE Indiana… time for triming the bushes out front for the last time before winter…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Ten

“The Wing”

I started this blog when I rode my ’84 Goldwing to Sussex, NB and back this past May. Its an amazing machine – 26 years old, over 110,000 miles (180,000km) and it just keeps on going! I’m not sure why – but pretty much every where I’ve been in the past 6 years with this bike, people come up to talk about it – even guys on way nicer bikes!

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Nine

“Window Washing”

I don’t travel enough to enjoy the perks of the “First Class” Lounge at airports – so it was a pleasant surprise when I bumped into a friend of mine in the Cincinnati airport and we found out we both had a layover in Chicago – and he invited me to hang out with him in United’s Red Carpet Club for the duration. (Its definitely a nice perk…)

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Eight

“He Thinks He’s a Lap Dog”

I know you’ve seen him before… but one of our current dogs – Rylee – is just so much fun… and yep – he’s BIG.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Seven


I love the fall… I was reminded of that this week as I rode around the back roads where we live.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Six

“Fall Ride”

Went riding with a friend yesterday (10/10/10) – this is shot through the windshield (sorry – it was pretty dirty…)

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Five

Teresa and Rebekah participated in a 5k run this summer.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Four

We have had over 40 pets since the kids were born… Dogs, cats, miniature horses, full-size horses, goats, (yea – I know – goats are not “pets” – to us – they were…), rabbits, even a skunk! (not counting the myriad of guinea pigs and hamsters and fish… they don’t really count).

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Three

“Rylee at Rest”

Our newest dog is Rylee… I never worry when I leave home on a trip… he’s huge and he’s scary…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Two

I went outside one night recently just as a storm was approaching our house. The shadow is the gazeebo roof.