iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Five

Teresa and Rebekah participated in a 5k run this summer.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Four

We have had over 40 pets since the kids were born… Dogs, cats, miniature horses, full-size horses, goats, (yea – I know – goats are not “pets” – to us – they were…), rabbits, even a skunk! (not counting the myriad of guinea pigs and hamsters and fish… they don’t really count).

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Three

“Rylee at Rest”

Our newest dog is Rylee… I never worry when I leave home on a trip… he’s huge and he’s scary…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Two

I went outside one night recently just as a storm was approaching our house. The shadow is the gazeebo roof.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day One

A friend of mine is posting 50 pictures with his new 50mm lense… Kind of a cool idea – so I thought I’d start a 30 iPhone pics in 30 days marathon.

Riding the Dragon's Tail

On Friday, June 19, 2009 I rode my ’84 Goldwing down to Atlanta for a meeting with Steve Burge from OSTraining.com. I did Joomla training with them in Cincinnati, Denver, New York and Toronto last fall.

I decided, more at the last minute, to take Hwy 129 down from Knoxville on my way to Atlanta. It adds a bunch of time, but I was hoping it would be fun. What I didn’t realize, was that the route I chose was the world famous Dragon’s Tail (http://www.tailofthedragon.com/ – retailer nearby). 318 curves in 11 miles… insane!!!

Final Milage For This Trip

Trip there: 1375 miles

While there: 100 miles (trips to the Swiss Chalet in St. John etc…)

Trip home: 1351 miles.

Total: 2826 miles – 4,550 km

On My Way Home

I’m on my way home from New Brunswick. Yesterday was 8 out of 12 hours in the rain – today is 30-40 mph wind gusts… I DO love riding the bike LOL.

The Adventure - Day 2

Made it to Rockland … after an almost 3 hour delay due to a truck explosion… (incredible mess)… heading out to find dinner.

Oh… the Lindsey House lives up to its online reputation… I’ll talk more about that later…

Exploring Rockland Maine

After 14 hours on the bike yesterday, I thought it prudent to sleep in a little and take in the sites. (I had actually planned that anyways :) ).