Exploring Rockland Maine

After 14 hours on the bike yesterday, I thought it prudent to sleep in a little and take in the sites. (I had actually planned that anyways :) ).

The Goldwing Has Landed!

Well… I made it :)

Through a bug infestation that would rival one of the 10 plagues of Egypt
Through a ride on one of the worst roads in the US (Route 191)

Sunday in NB

Its my 23rd anniversary today. Over the years, I’ve been away for more of them than I’ve been home for… I have a fantastic and patient wife. I love you Teresa – Happy Anniversary (don’t worry – I called too…)

What a gorgeous day!

Summary - Day 1

What a great ride!

It was 38F when I left… don’t worry – I layered :) Packing the bike took around 20 minutes… I really didn’t want things falling off.

Time for Day 2

Its 42F, cloudless sky… good day for a ride!

If all goes well, I’ll be in Rockland, ME tonight – staying at a fantastic (so I’m told) B&B. – The Captain Lindsey House Inn – http://www.lindseyhouse.com/. After last night’s sleep (in an unnamed hotel…), I’ll be looking forward to this:

'Twas the Night Before Adventure

Well… here we go.
The pic is basically what needs to get strapped onto the bike tomorrow morning… I maxed out the rear suspension – it will probably need it :)

More Trip Planning - From Emergencies to Mechanics

Whenever you plan a big trip, it seems work gets in the way… lol…

That’s how it is today.


With six days of travel on the bike looming ahead, one asks a number of questions…

Will the bike make it? (it IS an ’84 after all)

6 Days and Counting

Getting ready for trip like this takes a fair bit of planning…

Got the flickr feed ready – public page is http://www.flickr.com/photos/rodsiphonepics/ – I’ll be posting pics on the blog as much as possible.

Mapping Out the Trip

Mapping out a trip of this distance (over 1300 miles) takes some planning. I LOVE google maps :)