Sunday in NB

Its my 23rd anniversary today. Over the years, I’ve been away for more of them than I’ve been home for… I have a fantastic and patient wife. I love you Teresa – Happy Anniversary (don’t worry – I called too…)

What a gorgeous day!

Summary - Day 1

What a great ride!

It was 38F when I left… don’t worry – I layered :) Packing the bike took around 20 minutes… I really didn’t want things falling off.

Time for Day 2

Its 42F, cloudless sky… good day for a ride!

If all goes well, I’ll be in Rockland, ME tonight – staying at a fantastic (so I’m told) B&B. – The Captain Lindsey House Inn – After last night’s sleep (in an unnamed hotel…), I’ll be looking forward to this:

'Twas the Night Before Adventure

Well… here we go.
The pic is basically what needs to get strapped onto the bike tomorrow morning… I maxed out the rear suspension – it will probably need it :)

More Trip Planning - From Emergencies to Mechanics

Whenever you plan a big trip, it seems work gets in the way… lol…

That’s how it is today.


With six days of travel on the bike looming ahead, one asks a number of questions…

Will the bike make it? (it IS an ’84 after all)

6 Days and Counting

Getting ready for trip like this takes a fair bit of planning…

Got the flickr feed ready – public page is – I’ll be posting pics on the blog as much as possible.

Mapping Out the Trip

Mapping out a trip of this distance (over 1300 miles) takes some planning. I LOVE google maps :)