On the Post

In the spirit of the joy I find in taking pictures with my iPhone…

The Enola Gay

I had the privilege of seeing up close a number of amazing historical aircraft this week. I had an extra day in Washington DC – so I headed over to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM)’s annex at Washington Dulles International Airport) – an excursion I had long wanted to take and anticipated very much.

Day 2 - Breakfast with Chickens

I’m sitting at E. Ontario St and N. St. Clair at an outside cafe… its 90 degrees at 8:00 pm… supposed to be 104 here in Chicago tomorrow… insane…

And so is the NOISE!

30 Pics in 30 Days

Tomorrow I leave for 18 days of travel to Chicago, Washington D.C, Toronto and Boston. I’ve decided to do another 30 pics in 30 days marathon. All the photos will be taken on my iPhone 4S with no editing…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty-Two

“As the Bell Tolls”

The sunset last night was magnificent.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty-One

“Up, Up and Away!”

This picture was taken in Telford, PA while I was visiting a client this past weekend.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Twenty

“Above the Clouds”

I flew out to meet with a new client over the weekend. Friday was a day of “un-met expectations” – not that anything was “bad”… just strange.

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Nineteen

“Fall Contrast”

I’m sure someone out there is tired of the fall pictures from my backyard…

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Eighteen

“Fall Colors – Deuxième partie”

(that’s Part Two for my English only speakers… not that I speak French very well… I looked it up at Google Translate…).

iPhone Picture Marathon - Day Seventeen

“Fall Leaves”

I really love the fall… though yesterday’s storms were a bit much! The wind has most of the leaves on the ground now. This afternoon I took this picture of two leaves… again – to show how good the closeup is on the iPhone.