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What I've Learned After 160,000 Miles On A Bike

Last Friday morning I decided to ride to Nashville, TN for lunch.  It's 260 miles so I made it right around 1:00 pm.  I love Nashville and the ride there and back on the coutry roads was incredibly relaxing.

Arlington Cemetery - Wreath Laying Ceremony

At the time of this writing, I've been an American citizen for just under two weeks.  Two days ago I flew to Washington DC to surprise a friend of mine, Bobby Litchge.

Bobby is a 90 year old veteran of World War 2.  He's as tough as they come and still incredibly active.  He's someone I really admire on so many levels.

Rod's Big Adventure - 2015

It's been my privilege to teach a week long seminar at Kingswood University in Sussex, NB Canada every other year (basically) since 2004.  This year's class is the first week of September.

Opening Keynote at JWC2012

We're at EBay Town Hall for the opening session of Joomla World Conference 2012.

One of the VP's is talking about their use of open source – specifically Joomla!. They use and contribute to OS projects. It allows them to move at the right speed of investment.

Joomla 3.0 - Presentation at JWC2012

Kyle Ledbetter and Mark Dexter are presenting on Joomla 3.0

Kyle works at EBay – and they push things to the limit. They needed a new UI – so they chose Bootstrap from Twitter – an awesome open source UI LIbrary that's really taken the world by storm… (I LOVE bootstrap)

Complete CSS, Javascript, html5, Responsive & LESS. – its really a fantastic system.

Responsive Design in Joomla

Taylor Bruce Design Partnership

Quick demo to begin… showing the breakpoints in the first responsive design from 2010.

Flight Delayed - the Words You Love to Hear

I’m in the middle of an 18 day extended trip – Chicago, D.C., Toronto and Boston. I’m writing this from my seat – 10A on an Airbus 320 – sitting on the tarmac in D.C. – we’ve been delayed an hour by weather in Detroit. (Today’s flight is DC->Detroit->Toronto). They’re saying an hour… but we’ll know more … in an hour!

Busy, busy, busy - but it's All Good

Yesterday was exhausting. (:)) Arranging and changing flights for this month has been kind of strange. But I think it’s almost done.

This month – Washington D.C. 2x, Chicago, Toronto and Boston… I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to pack… and hoping for hotels with laundry service! Teresa’s meeting up with me too… the joys of having older kids!


All in all – I’ll be teaching over 100 people how to use Drupal (9 days), Joomla (2 days) and visiting my mom in Toronto for 4 days (2nd anniversary of Dad’s death is 7/31).

Just Some Thoughts on Travels

Its been a fun year from the travel perspective… In the past 12 months, I’ve been in:

Drupalcon Denver 2012 Summary

What a great week at DrupalCon Denver!

Monday started with 34 students in our classroom learning the “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Drupal” with OSTraining. Steve and I had a great time interacting with some very “keen” people. The fun came when several students came up to us during DrupalCon and thanked us for the excellent introduction. They had a firm foundation set on Monday so they could understand Tuesday through Friday!