How to Combat Modern Slavery - Kevin Bales

In the United States, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. each year on 3rd Monday of January.  In light of this year's acknowledgement, TED assembled a playlist of some great talks to honor the day.  One of those videos was this one from Kevin Bales - and its frightening, but as he shares, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

One of modern slavery's unique realities is that people don't cost much any more.  In the past, a slave was a luxury item, affordable by only the rich.  Today, you can "buy" someone for $10 in some places around the world. Lured by the promise of jobs, people willingly leave their homes and find themselves trapped with no way to return.

Inequality still exists in US, there is no doubt.  But we have our heads in the sand on this one.  It costs $400, on average, to free someone from slavery and train them to live in a free world.  This is a video worth watching.