On Being Wrong - Kathryn Schulz

I love being right.  In fact, according to my Birkman (a personality profile) - being "right" is an integral part of how I relate to others.

Birkman relational graph

Yep - that's a 99 / 100.  I sometimes see the disapproval of me or my work as a personal attack, and you can imagine how that churns inside me.  That's a tough personality trait when you blog, teach, train and speak in public a lot. Its something I'm working on and so I thought I'd share this fantastic TED video with you.

Kathryn Schulz makes an insightful statement when she says "The present tense is where we live. We end up traveling through life trapped in this bubble feeling very right about everything."

You need this.

Did you need this? - How does this talk relate to your journey?