Busy, busy, busy - but it's All Good

Yesterday was exhausting. (:)) Arranging and changing flights for this month has been kind of strange. But I think it’s almost done.

This month – Washington D.C. 2x, Chicago, Toronto and Boston… I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to pack… and hoping for hotels with laundry service! Teresa’s meeting up with me too… the joys of having older kids!


All in all – I’ll be teaching over 100 people how to use Drupal (9 days), Joomla (2 days) and visiting my mom in Toronto for 4 days (2nd anniversary of Dad’s death is 7/31).


It looks like my last post on this blog will get tested! Adding to the list of must have’s on trips – this time – sunscreen and water – (the water is for long delays on tarmacs… I can feel them coming…)

In August – Munich Germany for DrupalCon!

I’m also going to do another “30 pics in 30 Days” series – too many great places to pass up the opportunity – so stay tuned.

Should be a fun summer!