Flight Delayed - the Words You Love to Hear

I’m in the middle of an 18 day extended trip – Chicago, D.C., Toronto and Boston. I’m writing this from my seat – 10A on an Airbus 320 – sitting on the tarmac in D.C. – we’ve been delayed an hour by weather in Detroit. (Today’s flight is DC->Detroit->Toronto). They’re saying an hour… but we’ll know more … in an hour!


My connecting flight to Toronto is cancelled… but with experience comes a calm :) Delta has already booked me on a later flight – I was able to change my seat from what they gave me to one of my choice via the iPhone app (which is hugely improved as of late)… so we should be good… at some point – to get to Toronto today…

Now if only my mom was actually online so I could send her an email to let her know. I actually have to make a phone call!