With six days of travel on the bike looming ahead, one asks a number of questions…

Will the bike make it? (it IS an ’84 after all)

Will I be sore? (someone called it iron-butt yesterday)
What will I eat on the road? – Now that’s a question worth answering!Riding through the mountains of New York State and PA – I’ll probably be looking for some fast food at times… but definitely a breakfast or two (I love breakfast) at the Cracker Barrel. Once I get a bit further north and east, Rockland, Maine begs me to have lobster on the 2nd night… I may just have to succumb.

swissfoodGeneric 150x91
The real treat for me however, will be in St. Johns – just a few miles over the border… Swiss Chalet! Now, all of my Canadian friends will understand my passion… the salivation that will begin the moment I say thank you to Canadian customs for letting me back into the country… Swiss Chalet will be only an hour away. Rotiserie chicken and Chalet sauce that people drive days to get… oh yeah!

I justify all of this gluttony by remembering that for the week to follow – I will be eating in a Bible College cafeteria. Now, BBC has pretty good food as far as school cafeterias go… but it is the end of the semester… and the meatloaf that’s been waiting for me since March… well… you get the idea :) (disclaimer… they really don’t have meatloaf from March on the menu…)

While I’m there however, there is…. are you ready? … A Tim Horton’s right next door!!

1 150x150
Culinary bliss such as this should almost be illegal. I promise to bring some bagels and cream cheese back for my kids :)