Fourth Trip to Washington DC

I was in D.C. again this past week – teaching Drupal for OSTraining.

I took the opportunity to go and tour the Lincoln Memorial (again), the Viet Nam Memorial and the new Martin Luther King Memorial.


I thoroughly enjoy D.C. – it’s a great city. I am moved each time I read the Gettysburg address that is engraved on one wall at the Lincoln Memorial. I stood on the exact spot where MLK delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963.

One of the more interesting things I noted this time… President Harding accepted the memorial and drew a lesson from Lincoln’s steadfastness under criticism, eulogizing him as not a superhuman but as a “natural human being with frailties mixed with the virtues of humanity.” The invocation and benediction were delivered by the Rev. Wallace Radcliffe, pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, where Lincoln worshipped. On the platform that day was Robert R. Moton, President of Tuskegee Institute. He spoke to the great audience that attended that day. Although he shared the platform with both Radcliffe and Harding, he spoke to a segregated audience.

I was very impressed with the MLK Memorial. Although I would have preferred to see some different quotes used on the walls, it is a fitting tribute to a great man.