Joomla 3.0 - Presentation at JWC2012

Kyle Ledbetter and Mark Dexter are presenting on Joomla 3.0

Kyle works at EBay – and they push things to the limit. They needed a new UI – so they chose Bootstrap from Twitter – an awesome open source UI LIbrary that's really taken the world by storm… (I LOVE bootstrap)

Complete CSS, Javascript, html5, Responsive & LESS. – its really a fantastic system.


JUX – Joomla User Experience project really wanted to see Joomla become updated and fresh. JoomlaDays became pivotal in this process – getting feedback from users…

A very modern process – “Made for the people by the people” – using pretty much every modern tech to communicate and build it. from Skype to Google Hangouts and Github.

Started with Bootstrap – and extended it…

Installation is now a 3 step process – very very nice update. (including emailing yourself the config file with password masking).

The Admin GUI has been bootstap'd – completely responsive!!

The Site Template – new UI options, CSS defines the UI – LESS is best – completely responsive

The Joomla UI (JUI) – accordion, alerts, breadcrumbs, buttons, carousel dropdowns, forms, grid, layouts, modals, navbar, tables – All @import – template.less is in a LESS folder – producing one template.css for everything. Bottom line – all components will use the same template.css – no more fighting CSS in extensions!!

Joomla 3.0 is experiencing the fastest adoption in template clubs and extension clubs. Bootstrap makes it very very simple… (Akeeba was one of the first – huge applause for Nikolas).

Over 1,000 extensions are 3.0 ready. (20% of J 2.5) – VERY significant.

Joomla 3.1 is just around the corner – more icon sets, more compliant with bootstrap, mootools will be optional, all core functions will run on JQuery (eventually)

LTS – 3.5 – front end admin – this will be HUGE – a much better front end administrator UX

Mark Dexter is covering some of the other features:

PostGreSQL Database support now in addition to SQLServer. The database abstraction layer now doesn't assume a MySQL database – its now database agnostic. (Microsoft sponsored that work in 2.5). Tons of queries had to be de-bugged – but its working in 3.0x.

Language installation is better – search, check, install. Languages are installed right in Joomla. This is the beginning of potential development for an “app store” approach within Joomla.

The Contribution Process:

wpid Photo Nov 16 2012 1038 AM

with github – this becomes really simple.

They are encouraging the entire community to become involved in Joomla development. On the bug squad – most people are not coders.

All in all – hundreds of people contributed to Joomla 3.0.