More Trip Planning - From Emergencies to Mechanics

Whenever you plan a big trip, it seems work gets in the way… lol…

That’s how it is today.


So tomorrow – I’m getting the bike serviced – oil changed, tires checked etc. I’m also getting saddlebags put on (something I’ve avoided till now…) there’s just too much stuff for a two week trip! I’ll keep my rain gear, cover, 1/2 helmet and emergency tools and medical kit in there.

I’ll also be working on how to pack the technology in a way that cushions the ride. Two digital video cameras, two laptops, 2 digital cameras, all the power cords and peripherals… I really should have shipped my clothes via fedex lol.

Weather Update:

The long range forcast is good.

Thursday – sunny and 71
Friday – partly cloudy and 70
Saturday – partly cloudy and 61 (chance of rain in the morning is 40%)
So all in all – pretty good for this time of year. Of course… the long range forcast can change a lot… I’m ready for just about anything – cold weather gear, rain gear etc. Yep – should be quite an adventure.