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Rod's Big Adventure - 2015

It's been my privilege to teach a week long seminar at Kingswood University in Sussex, NB Canada every other year (basically) since 2004.  This year's class is the first week of September.

The last time the class was held during warm months was 2010.  I rode my old Goldwing up to the school (about 3,000 miles round trip) and blogged about it here.  I'll be doing the same this year on the new Wing, and I'm really excited about the trip.

This is the "unofficial" map I'll be using, hitting some highlights along the way.

I'll be leaving Wednesday or Thursday this week - heading out on hwy 50E from Cincinnati - a quiet highway free from trucks and a lot of traffic.  I'll leave 50 at Aurora WV and head NE into NY on my way to Mt. Washington NE.  From there down to Rockland ME and up hwy 1 all the way to Calais where I'll cross the border into Canada.  From there its a straight shot to Sussex.  I'm anticipating four days for the trip since I want to spend some time at Mt. Washington and a few places along the way in Maine.

Watch for updates this week.



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