Summary - Day 1

What a great ride!

It was 38F when I left… don’t worry – I layered :) Packing the bike took around 20 minutes… I really didn’t want things falling off.


day1pic1The first day took right at 11 hours for the 548 miles.

Probably the nicest part of the trip was the last few hours going through Pennsylvania along I-80. I am not a fan of the interstates when I’m on a ride like this – but they are the quickest… I-80 is a really pleasant ride! There are police everywhere! So no-one is stupid… and you can count on everyone behaving. One of the reasons I wanted to do this trip – other than insanity… there’s no way to really enjoy God’s creation when you must travel – better than a motorcycle. Yes – I realize walking open trails with the animals would be better… but I don’t have 3-4 weeks to spare :)

I was able to stream some video from my iphone using Pretty amazing actually. (below – click the read more) I muted the audio a few moments in – it was pretty loud – of course. I also tried to narrate a little…(about 5 minutes in). I was hoping it would use my bluetooth microphone but doesn’t look like it… There are also transmission gaps when I floated in and out of 3g. Still pretty cool for a phone and a free service.

My Helmet

Teresa called me a couple of times as did a couple of clients. One of the cool things about my helmet is the bluetooth headset day1pic3built in. I can make and receive calls on my iPhone (in stereo) and listen to music. Since they aren’t earbuds, it doesn’t block out other sounds as much – so I’m still very aware of what’s going on around me. The audio quality is incredibly clear. One client asked me if I was really on my bike or not!

I will admit – I was tired after yesterday. I didn’t hydrate enough at all (hard to drink with a full-face helmet on). Will do better on day two!