The Adventure - Day 2

Made it to Rockland … after an almost 3 hour delay due to a truck explosion… (incredible mess)… heading out to find dinner.

Oh… the Lindsey House lives up to its online reputation… I’ll talk more about that later…


brb :)

So.. back to the saga.

I left Danville PA around 7:00 am hoping to be in Rockland, ME by 6:00 – 6:30pm. I would have been if had not been for the accident on 95 south of Portland. I’ve never seen quite a mess though. An 18 wheeler had exploded – there was nothing – and I mean nothing left of the cab down to the axles and the back 1/2 of the trailer. Its no wonder they closed the road.

I was prepared however. As we parked, I listened to music, had a bottle of water in my bag, put sunscreen on and read a book with my feet up on the engine block. I’m sure I looked funny – but I was comfortable and got some reading in! Once traffic got going again – I chatted with people in cars that I ended up stopped next to and did some troubleshooting on a client’s website (via phone of course) – you know the routine… go for 20 feet, stop for 5 minutes… all in all – an interesting afternoon.

That of course put me well behind – but Patricia here at the Lindsey House was waiting for me.

First you have to find it – that’s where Google Maps and my iPhone came in handy – I had no idea where this place was… Its just off main street – downtown.

Established in 1837 (if I remember the sign correctly), it is an old Victorian home that has been transformed into a pretty amazing B&B. As you walk in, classical music is playing. There are tasteful treats waiting for the weary traveler – along with tea in the dining area… (that’s a seriously nice touch).

Everything is so incredibly appointed… My room is exactly as it appears in the picture on their website (and if you travel much – you know that sometimes just isn’t true). So many little touches… I’ll write more and put some pics up tomorrow.

If you’re ever coming to Rockland Maine, you have to stay here. It’s not expensive – given the location and the delightful rooms.

Back to my Earl Grey tea and slice of fruit bread before retiring for the evening … (lol – sooo POSH)

Oh – if you know what POSH really means – without using google – put it in the comments :)