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I'm learning a LOT about working with contractors and companies in a small town :)

  • The main room where people will order their coffee is now gutted.
  • The room on the east side of the building where people will sit and we'll do meetings and trainings is barely started.
  • We've decided to remove the bathroom on the main floor and build it out on the back "veranda".  This will give us 78 square feet more space in the seating area.   
  • The supply room is pretty much done.
  • The offices upstairs are waiting on drywall.

We're still waiting for heat in the building.  Our furnace guys were amazing (…) but we're waiting on the gas company to run a line to the building.  They're saying Tuesday after Christmas.  (it's only going to be 0 F on Christmas Day).

Still - we're encouraged - feeling like we're "on track".



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