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I'm here in Florida at Drupal Camp Florida 2023! This is always a really great event!

I'm presenting the Ultimate Guide to Media -….

The slides are attached below.

I'm learning a LOT about working with contractors and companies in a small town :)

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I'm excited to be presenting at NedCamp 2022 the "Ultimate Guide to the Media Manager in Drupal 9"  (

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I'm pretty excited to be sharing a couple of sessions at NedCamp 2022 ( for OSTraining (

The challenge - teach Drupal in 45 minutes but leave room for questions!

Well... here are the slides at least :)

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I produced an 83 lesson Drupal 9 course over at OSTraining that has one resource that people really seem to appreciate.  It's called the Site Building Workflow.  It's basically a "best practice" workflow I based the class on.

Well, here it is... (right click to download)

We made Dillsboro, IN our home 18 years ago (where did THAT time go?) and we're probably not leaving any time soon.

We had the opportunity presented to us to move our businesses into a building rent free as long as we renovated it and maintained a business in there (crazy right? - it's even more than that - but that's for another post).

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At a glance, "Leadership" seems to be a vast and complex topic. Its been the foundation of thousands of studies, hundreds of thousands of articles and more than a few hours in classrooms from MBA's to Seminaries. In the words of General Stanley McChrystal - "'Leadership' was the single biggest reason organizations succeeded or failed."

One Friday morning last month I decided to ride to Nashville, TN for lunch.  It's 260 miles so I made it right around 1:00 pm.  I love Nashville and the ride there and back on the coutry roads was incredibly relaxing.

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important factors in getting your website found by Google and other search engines. While there's no substitute for great content, the SEO Checklist module will really help you ensure your site is ready to be found!

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For at least the past decade, when you installed Drupal you started off with Bartik as your default theme. Rock solid and functional, Bartik was the theme that thousands of our students used to learn Drupal.

Well, as of Drupal 9.4 that's all changed. In this video I introduce you to Olivero and Claro, the new default theme and administration theme in Drupal 9.