you have one life... live it well

What's Your Passion?

My goal is that people will walk out a little different than when they walked in... ready to influence change in their world.

I'm a conference speaker, trainer and college professor. - For the past 25 years, I have travelled all over the world giving talks on topics ranging from Leadership, Open Source Content Management Systems, Education and the Bible.  I've taught thousands of people, both in live settings and online. My training videos have over 3 million views.

How Can I Help?

Conferences, Weekends, Motivational Events.

I believe that every day is important.  But yesterday is over and tomorrow isn't here yet.  Today is the day you can make remarkable.  Today is the day you can influence for good.  What will you do TODAY?

One on One Coaching

One of the things I love to do is help "geeks" become better speakers.  You know the technology, but you struggle to present it well.  I can help.  Ask me about one-on-one coaching before your next speaking event.