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Walk Through the Old Testament

They're Not Just Stories

This is a talk I've done for the past 30 years. I learned it from M.A. Butler, a fantastic Bible teacher and missionary.  The presentation hasn't changed significantly - its a timeless journey through the greatest book of all time. Shot on location at the Demolishing Strongholds Conference in 2006 (at 8:00 am on a Saturday morning!) it became a DVD called "They're Not Just Stories".

If you'd like the walk through guide - feel free to download it - it's over there ------>


What people have said...

I enjoyed this presentation very much. The speaker has a way to keep you captivated throughout. A great way to learn the chronology of the O.T. in such a way as to make it fun. You'll find yourself learning the gestures that will help you remember and testing your knowledge. (5 stars)

C.A. Hebert (

This is one of the best teaching DVDs on the Old Testament I've ever seen!!!! As an Old Testament instructor, I highly recommend this DVD and cannot think of a better DVD to teach your family, your children, and your church the main events of the Old Testament. Who says learning the Old Testament isn't fun?? With this DVD it IS INDEED fun. The speaker starts with creation, goes through the entire book of Genesis, to Exodus and the wilderness wanderings, to the conquest at Jericho, through the United Kingdom, the divided kingdom, the Babylonian empire, and then and the Assyrian Empire, ending up with the 400 silent years between the Testaments. All of this is easy to learn with creative hand signals, and can be communicated back to anyone in just under three minutes with the techniques utilized on this teaching DVD. - Myke HarbuckByron GA (Amazon)

When you survey the Old Testament, this is a great summary getting people excited and actually remembering something. I did this with Catechism class and older adults. Huge hit! - Pastor Voll (Amazon)

Please note: the DVD is no longer available, but you can watch on here any time. If you would like me to come and present this to your group or church, please contact me here...