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Years ago I purchased a tiny book called "Swanson's Written Rules of Management".  I came across it this week while I was re-arranging some bookshelves.  Bill Swanson was the CEO of Raytheon when he compliled the book.  Rule #32 is one of my favorites.

A person who is nice to you 
but rude to the waiter - or to others
is not a nice person.

This rule - also known as the "waiter rule" - never fails.

In his book, Swanson writes:

Watch out for people who have situational value systems - who can turn the charm on and off depending on the status of the person they are interacting with.

So true!  I've sat in restaurants with people like this.  It's awkward and revealing.

So... are you a nice person?  

Remember - not every day can be remarkable, but you can make a remarkable difference in someone's life - every day.

(sidenote: While Swanson later admitted to plagurizing much of the book unfortunately, it doesn't change the value of the rules).