NedCamp 2023

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NedCamp 2023 was a really terrific camp again this year.

I taught the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal on the training day and really enjoyed the sessions at the camp, and connecting with a lot of people I know.

Great time!

The Road to Drupal GovCon in Bethesda.

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It was 37F when I left Parkersburg WV this morning.  I wanted to ride Hwy 50 all the way into DC.  

Highway 50 runs the width of the country, starting (or ending) in Washington DC and passes through Aurora WV, a tiny hamlet along the way.

For years I have eaten at a family restaurant there but sadly, it has closed down.

News from DrupalCon Lille 2023 - The Dries Note

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I watched the DriesNote from DrupalCon Lille this morning and I’m pretty excited about the future plans for Drupal!  Dries talked about a lot of things (in a pretty creative narrative!!), including a new marketing initiative which I think is awesome, but these are the big ones for me.