Drupal Site Building Workflow

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I produced an 83 lesson Drupal 9 course over at OSTraining that has one resource that people really seem to appreciate.  It's called the Site Building Workflow.  It's basically a "best practice" workflow I based the class on.

Well, here it is... (right click to download)

Bye Bye Bartik - Drupal Gets a New Default Theme!

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For at least the past decade, when you installed Drupal you started off with Bartik as your default theme. Rock solid and functional, Bartik was the theme that thousands of our students used to learn Drupal.

Well, as of Drupal 9.4 that's all changed. In this video I introduce you to Olivero and Claro, the new default theme and administration theme in Drupal 9.

Improve the Search Engine Optimization on Your Drupal Website

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most important factors in getting your website found by Google and other search engines. While there's no substitute for great content, the SEO Checklist module will really help you ensure your site is ready to be found!

A Better Administration Theme for Drupal

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In this 3rd part of the series on improving the Drupal experience for Content Editors, Rod focuses on the administration theme for Drupal 9 using the Gin theme.

One Must-Do Configuration for Embedded Media in Drupal

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This is the 2nd video in the mini-series on small steps Drupal site builders and developers should take to make the content editing experience much better.

In this video I explain why exposing image styles to embedded media in the body field is so important and how to accomplish this simple “upgrade”.

5 Must Have Modules for Every Drupal Website

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I have the utmost respect for Drupal developers - they master some really complex concepts and code to create amazing, attractive and advanced websites!

However, Drupal developers sometimes forget their basic site building skills and don't install some of the contributed modules that make a content editor's life really simple. (Honestly - I see this a LOT).