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I'm here in Florida at Drupal Camp Florida 2023! This is always a really great event!

I'm presenting the Ultimate Guide to Media -….

The slides are attached below.


Drupal Camp Florida was terrific.  I met one of my Drupal heroes - Ofer Shall -  I've blogged and made videos about him - and I finally met him.  He is such a gracious guy - he spent a bunch of time with me showing me how to speed up my repo for Drupal training.

This is what the community is all about.  

I could go on and on about my interactions with people at DCFL this year.  Those who watch my training and interact with me on that level find it hard to believe I'm actually kind of introverted at events.  I've gotten better at it - but it's not my "cup of tea" at all.  

It was easy at this Drupal Camp.  People weren't cloistered in their own groups that made you feel weird trying to join the conversation.  Oh for sure - many there have friendships going back years and were excited to see each other but the vibe was open and generous.  

My only regret was that I had to leave on Saturday night for something back home.  Next year I'll definitely schedule the full conference and a day or two extra.