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So... Tesla Cincinnati offered a new Model Y for an extended test drive over the Thanksgiving holiday. Seriously - this was so cool. :)

Whew! I just finished recording the most comprehensive Drupal Explained course I've ever made. 

It's a "beginner's" introduction to Drupal 9 - 81 videos in all. I'm pretty excited about it. 

You'll can take the course at Here's the intro video... 

If you've read any part of my blog, you probably already know that I'm a Christian and that I go to church.

With everything going on this year (2020), we obviously couldn't go to church and meet as we normally would on Easter Sunday. As part of our "service" this year, I created this video to encourage people. I hope it's a blessing to you as well.

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My Drupal 8 Beginner Tutorials course on YouTube just hit 3,000,000 views! 

What a privilege to share Drupal with so many people! I travel all over the United States teaching Drupal.  I suppose I should have kept better track - but the number of students is around 800-900 over the past 9 years. 

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This is in the "just for my sanity" department.  I've been getting into woodworking as a hobby and "fun" thing to do.  Creating this workbench is outside the realm of my normal work life, so needless to say, I'm having fun!

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I’m at the spring “Get Energized” event for the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce (that’s Indiana... not Michigan).  It could be entitled “Lessons in Leadership”.

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I was recently interviewed by Steve Burge over at OSTraining for their monthly podcast. Over the years, I've created well over 1,000 video tutorials for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mautic and other brands. You can listen to the podcast at 

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Years ago I purchased a tiny book called "Swanson's Written Rules of Management".  I came across it this week while I was re-arranging some bookshelves.  Bill Swanson was the CEO of Raytheon when he compliled the book.  Rule #32 is one of my favorites.

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When you read about new companies, especially in the startup space, one of the topics you’ll see over and over again is this idea of “culture”.  To be sure, it’s an important topic and can be a true distinction (think Uber vs. Lyft).

Two Inc. magazine articles came through my feed this morning and a mashup of the two topics they addressed seems appropriate.

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In my last corporate gig, I reported to the Vice President of Marketing.  One of my most important functions was to translate the "geek".  He wasn't a programmer, or a designer.  But he needed to understand what was going on so he could run the business.  That's where I fit in... I translated the geek.  I was his "Universal Translator".