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Have you ever gotten frustrated with TinyURL or when you couldn't get the shortcut you wanted?  Happens to me all the time.

Not any more.

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Updated: Added the video below

I presented the session "The Ultimate Guide to Media in Drupal" at Drupal Camp Asheville on July 8, 2023.  

Here are the updated slides:

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I'll be heading to Drupal Camp Asheville in a week (  I'm pretty excited to be presenting a training and a session.

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This past weekend I attended the JDay (Joomla) USA 2023 meetup in Austin TX. (  It was GREAT catching up with friends I've known for over a decade.

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Over at OSTraining, our students use a Github repository ( to create as many Drupal websites as they need to take our classes. This repository creates Drupal sites hosted at and it's really an amazing tool!

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I'm here in Florida at Drupal Camp Florida 2023! This is always a really great event!

I'm presenting the Ultimate Guide to Media -….

The slides are attached below.

I'm learning a LOT about working with contractors and companies in a small town :)

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I'm pretty excited to be sharing a couple of sessions at NedCamp 2022 ( for OSTraining (

The challenge - teach Drupal in 45 minutes but leave room for questions!

Well... here are the slides at least :)

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I'm excited to be presenting at NedCamp 2022 the "Ultimate Guide to the Media Manager in Drupal 9"  (